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City View Trail Great and Getting Better

After numerous trail days and hundreds of volunteer hours, the new City View Trail at Low Gap Park is an established community asset. Trail building began last year with design and layout by UVTG, with Ukiah City and community input and support, plus a grant that allowed us to hire a small dozer to rough out the trail. Spirited community volunteers, including California Conservation Corp members, hiked untold miles while carrying chainsaws, shovels, Pulaskis, McLeods, posthole diggers, pruners and other hand tools to move soil, rocks and overhanging branches, smoothing out the trail bed, digging in culverts and rock drains, building small bridges, stairways and a bench. Also muscled up the trail were a hundred sacks of concrete, culverts, railroad ties, concrete blocks and wood.

The trail has gone through a winter of significant rains, and has held up very well. Final touches for this year include removal of invasive vegetation and replacement with native grasses, a cautionary barrier to protect fragile habitat, a short footbridge and improvements to drainage patterns.

Please come and enjoy this Ukiah Valley gem.

City View Trail Project

City View Trail 90% Complete - Our Low Gap Trail Extension project is nearing completion. There is a mile and half of new trail that is roughed in and walk-able. To walk to the trail, do the loop and return to the parking lot gives you about a three mile walk.

We still need to remove a dirt berm from the lower edge of the trail, do some clean-up and finish work, and there's some restoration needed on areas that were impacted during construction. We had Eagle Scout candidate Travis Orr help out by building a small bridge at the first drainage crossing, thanks Travis! We're now talking to the CA Conservation Corp about helping with the finish work. It wasn't the ideal time to build trail, so it looks a little rough still, but give it six months and it's going to look great.

Thanks to our Project Sponsors, Mendocino Transit Authority and Jorge Allende, MD. Thanks also to the Paths, Open Space and Creeks Commission, the Public Health Department and to all of you who donated time and money to make this trail a reality

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Trees Along Low Gap Access Trail

Low Gap Access Trail